1. Build working partnerships with Chinese institutions
2. Gain tangible benefits from existing online innovations
3. Promote your institution and recruit high caliber Chinese students

Partnership Building

With our extensive connections to Chinese institutions, we can help you develop your existing and form new partnerships with them. Many Chinese universities already make use of open online resources and MOOCs for parts of their undergraduate courses, but greatly value the opportunity to hold live follow-on online seminars with course authors. Conversely, many universities develop open online courses and MOOCs. Bridging these two, we broker relationships with Chinese academics from the ground up. We facilitate introductions, planning and activities leading up to live online seminars, and offer the use of our WoLearn platform based in China which helps overcome a number of technical difficulties.

Tangible Benefits from Existing Online Innovations

Many universities have invested in the development of open educational resources and MOOCs, but perhaps been disappointed in the outcomes. Content driven courses are often inadequate for successful learning, especially where new concepts have to be grasped. It also costs to prepare and give courses away for free, with no return. The WoLearn model addresses both of these: it adds live seminars and interaction to the content to address students’ questions and correct misunderstandings, while receiving payment from the Chinese institution for your academic’s time.

Postgraduate Recruitment

There is a significant but unmet demand in China for postgraduate courses. Building on their success of these initial collaborative activities, we then further broker the growing partnerships between the institutions involved, focusing primarily on postgraduate recruitment. There are three strategic pathways which can be followed:

1. Recruit Chinese students to based postgraduate courses
These live activities provide the academics involved ready access to Chinese undergraduate students, both allowing the academics to identify potential postgraduate students and at the same time give the students a taste of what study will be like in their institution, thus creating a unique marketing opportunity for you to recruit Chinese students onto your higher degree programmes and PhD’s, who would come to your institution and study in the normal way.

2. Recruit Chinese students to postgraduate courses, while studying in China
Using a variety of possible forms of online learning, the student undertakes a postgraduate course at your institution, while remaining in China for all or part of the course through blended learning approaches. This also provides you with the opportunity to further develop relationships with the Chinese University by arranging for it to provide space and facilities for the students.

3. Develop collaborative postgraduate degrees with the Chinese partner
This may involve Chinese academics providing local support to students studying on a postgraduate course at your institution. Conversely, your university may provide more or less significant input into a Chinese postgraduate course. A more elaborated model involves the joint development of postgraduate courses, with the possibility of both institutions offering awards subject to satisfactory examination.

If your institution has already invested in open online resources and MOOCs, this offers a way to capitalise on your investment, using it to actively recruit postgraduate students in China.

By building an initial working relationship with Chinese academics and their students at an early stage in the students’ decision making process about where to study abroad, your university can put itself in a strong position to recruit the best students.