Case 3: Central China Normal University use Edinburgh University’s  Elearning & Digital Culture MOOC

The E-learning & Digital Culture MOOC (EDCMOOC) was the first MOOC produced by the University of Edinburgh on Coursera. This MOOC aims to explore how digital cultures and learning cultures connect, and what this means for the ways in which we conduct education online.

The original EDCMOOC and its resources, activities and social media elements, offers new perspectives on e-learning. It creates a new type of MOOC experience through exploring various digital technology and networking tools, such as YouTube, Google Hangouts, Twitter, etc. However, most of the platforms and tools used in the EDCMOOC are not available in China which had hitherto prevented Chinese learners from taking the course and participating in the activities around the content. Wolearn therefore localized the EDCMOOC by providing access to the equivalent Chinese platforms and tools, e.g. Youku, Webex and Wechat etc.

As a blended learning based course, EDCMOOC then offered a unique opportunity for Chinese students studying educational technology to reflect on and explore the connections between education, learning and digital cultures and experiment with digital technology in their own learning.