With our extensive connections to Chinese institutions, we can help you develop your existing and form new partnerships with them. Many Chinese universities already make use of open online resources and MOOCs for parts of their undergraduate courses, but greatly value the opportunity to hold live follow-on online seminars with course authors. Conversely, many universities develop open online courses and MOOCs. Bridging these two, we broker relationships with Chinese academics from the ground up. We facilitate introductions, planning and activities leading up to live online seminars, and offer the use of our WoLearn platform based in China which helps overcome a number of technical difficulties.

We make this possible through our strong contacts in China and the use of our online platform, based in China, that allows for easy initial partnership building beyond the constraints and boundaries of institutions. Also, the model in its initial stages has no requirement for credit or certification and can be thought of in the same way as providing a guest lecture, thereby providing a space for working relationships to be gradually built up. It thus also provides a way to address the risks often associated with more formal institutional level teaching partnerships.

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