Dr. Li Yuan
Li Yuan is an internationally recognised thought leader, advisor and innovator on open online learning and technology innovation in education. She has a PhD on the use of new technologies in education from Queen’s University Belfast and most recently has been working for Cetis, a national innovation support centre at JISC providing advice and supporting technology innovations in institutions throughout the UK. Over the last decade, she has also worked on a number of large EU-funded technology-enhanced learning projects, and has advised on the UK Open Education Resources Programme and several JISC e-learning programmes.
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Dr. Stephen Powell
Online Learning and Pedagogy
Stephen Powell has worked as an educator for the past 25 years, initially as a teacher in the compulsory school sector, and then in Higher Education as a developer of online programmes. He has particular expertise in curriculum design and the organisation of teaching and assessment for authentic approaches to learning. His work has included leading large-scale online programmes including the academic development of tutors and the technical development of learning systems and supporting academic and quality processes.
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Ian Tindal
Curriculum design and professional development
Ian has worked in education for 25 years, initially in the primary sector then in HE where for the last 18 years he has worked on a wide range of TEL and online community driven learning projects. He is a work based learning specialist with extensive experience of curriculum design, flexible pedagogies, future thinking, professional development for educational practitioners and leadership training. He sees open education and connected digital technologies as powerful tools enabling the design of personalised employment facing curriculums that liberate and empower learners.
Bill Olivier
Technology innovation
Prof. Bill Olivier is a professor of Educational Technology at the University of Bolton and has over 25 years experience developing innovative software for education. He is a former Director for Systems and Technology in the Innovation Group at Jisc which funded large ICT innovation programmes for UK further and higher education. In that capacity, he directed the eResearch programme, helped develop the JISC side of the International e-Framework Programme, initiated the JISC Enterprise Architecture Programme and the Jisc Observatory. Before that, Bill was a co-founder of Cetis in 1998, initially a co-director and then director from 2000 to 2005.
Kevin Shang
Business Development
Kevin has worked in Eastern Horizon, the UK's first Chinese/English bilingual community radio programme, on BBC Radio Manchester as a presenter, and interviewed influential figures in the UK-China international business and education sectors. He has conducted various research projects in education which received positive feedback from the universities, local councils and NGOs.