“Our university have made significant investment in developing MOOCs, we’re looking around for opportunities to leverage this resource and the investment that we’ve made to get more use and value out of it in all different contexts.”

–  Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation,  the University of Southampton

“The Wolearn approaches appeal to the university approach to make more international partnerships. In particular, how MOOCs can be used to help achieve this goal”

– University Senior Manager

“I think the cultural connection is very important, creating links like this helps to show that the problems one tackles and the problems everyone tackles.”

    –  UK University Professor

“Expanding the scope of provision, thinking about different contexts for one’s teaching”

–  UK University Professor

“Working with Chinese students, and thinking about how to adapt existing material and teaching methods for this context”

–  UK University Professor

“It is a great opportunity to broaden students’ horizons, especially to gain some precious experience of learning from foreign countries, including understanding different learning strategies/activities and improving English ability”

–  Chinese Student