1.    Gain international online teaching experience
2.    Create innovative online courses and develop your teaching practice
3.    Recruit more and better prepared students from China

Gain international online teaching experience

Whether you are new to online teaching or already have significant experience, working with WoLearn and our Chinese partners will enable you to develop your practical skills developing and delivering online courses. For academics with significant online content already developed, we can find Chinese institutions who want to make use of it and work with you to provide online seminars. Sometimes this will require adaptation to meet the specific need, and we can work with you to help you to do this. For academics with no or limited experience, by working through our design process you will be able to develop your own open online courses and work with Chinese universities to deliver online seminars. Academics who have been through this process report that it enabled them to develop new teaching skills and also to reflect on how they could improve their existing practice by incorporating ideas such as inquiry-based learning, open educational resources and the flipped classroom into their teaching.

Pedagogical and technological innovation

For academics who are excited by the opportunities that technology can bring for learning, but believe it is necessary to overcome the limitations of pure content based courses, the WoLearn model and its supporting platform can be used to develop innovative practices at an individual or institutional level with support from WoLearn to identify sustainable models.

Recruit students on your courses

We provide opportunities for you to connect with Chinese universities, academics and students online; we help you to develop open online courses and open educational resources to reach more learners and share with the public; we support academics working collaboratively with Chinese academics to teach Chinese students through blended learning.